Alpha Blondy


Ivory Coast

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He’s the best-known French-speaking reggae singer, but that doesn’t stop him also expressing himself in the language of his roots, Dioula, as well as the language of Bob Marley, English.
A range of spices that colour an art, and especially a message, which is good, as its purpose is to speak to as many people as possible.
"It's useful to speak all three languages and record with other artists; there’s a desire for universality, as well as illustrating the title, Human Race. It's not because there are differences in how we express ourselves that we’re not all equal. The human race is wonderful, and instead of being distracted by a minority of shitstirrers, we should focus on the rest, the majority. Because they bring hope and because human beings are not fundamentally bad. They’re good. This is the main issue in today's world. And if we glorify them, as creatures of God, then we’re glorifying Him, too. It’s the human race I’m singing about in Human Race without any distinction..."
Alongside Alpha Blondy, we find Youssou N'Dour who sings in Wolof on "Oté-Fê", "He’s a brother and a model of success as a musician. The title is important; it means: They don’t want. They don’t want the Africans to unite, because if they do, it will be much harder to pillage our raw materials..." Fally Ipupa, who sings in Lingala on "Kanou", "It means Love, quite simply, history tells us that the too frequent quarrels between lovers kill passion..." and Angélique Kidjo in Mina on "Alphaman Redemption", "It’s an excerpt from Ecclesiastes, meaning: the Bible..."
Reuniting rather than dividing was already a cry which featured in his eighth album, SOS Guerre Tribale (SOS Tribal War), which came out in 1993, denouncing the desire to separate society into opposing ethnic groups, as well as on a more recent record, Mystic Power, released twenty years later with this song with its symbolic title, "Réconciliation". So sharing has long been a key word in Alpha Blondy's work.
The first title of this new album by Alpha Blondy confirms the perceptible engagement in his repertoire: "Political Brouhaha" denounces politics and electoral promises. "They prevent you and me from thinking."
As commander of African groove, as he’s often portrayed, Alpha Blondy is only about love and peace. At 65 years old and wearing it well, he’s not ready to retire yet. "I would have liked to sing romantic songs, but my ghetto origins wouldn’t let me. Instead, giving and receiving love is what drives me, in my music as well as in my life. And as long as God gives me strength, I'll be there." Let’s hope it never ends.
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New album : "Eternity" available now !

Out on May 27th 2022