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Founded by the violonist David Haroutunian, the band "Toumanian Mek" is carrying the spirit of Armenian chamber music, and more specifically the repertoire of the string quartet, very little known in the Western World. Created with several remarkable musicians from the "Opéra de Paris", the Philharmonic Ochestra of Radio-France and other prestigious Parisian formations, they have concocted their first set by taking the influences of folk music from Armenia and adding to it the new arrangements of very famous Khatchatourian pieces. To vary from the string quartet, the band will very often invite other artists coming from all horizons on stage to spice up their show.
David Haroutunian, first violin                                         
Clara Jaszczyszyn, second violin                                            
Etienne Tavitian, alto                                      
Jennifer Hardy, cello     


First album, produced by Enzo Productions, will be released on May 3rd 2019. 


Toumanian mek
Toumanian Mek - Chinar es

Archived concerts

08 Oct 2019
VILLEJUIF (94), FRANCE - Amphithéâtre Jean Carrère
20 Jul 2019
CHABRELOCHE (63) - Concerts de Vollore - Salle Fernand Bernard
18 May 2019
PARIS ( 75) - Café de la danse - Concert de sortie d'album
18 Jan 2019
CLAMART (92) - Ecole Hamaskaïne-Tarkmantchatz - en première partie d'André Manoukian 4tet
13 Jan 2019
MULHOUSE (68) - La Filature - Première partie d'André Manoukian 4tet