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What if we played a little game ?

With notes, with codes, in harmony... or not… on these musics that made jazz History.
What if we’d cook ... some jam… with some pulp, with stones, and even with the skin of the « music standards » ?

20 years that we keep on flirting with 21st century… time had come for us to definitely play with the core of this music genre… for us to strike a match, to make a joy fire, wood fire, horn, voices fire…with no limits.

Just because since 100 years, jazz is still alive… Let’s enjoy it !

« It’s time for maturity, for the band. After 20 years the time has come for Nojazz to face the very essence of jazz standards."

That was a risky bet to re invent the melodies and harmonies of these golden classics, while preserving the unique style of NoJazz. They did it though, and they will never regret it.

"Surprising you" will always be their motto.



New album : "Nojazz Play Jazz" available now !
Out on April 1st 2022