Mario Canonge



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Mario Canonge is undoubtedly one of today's greatest French jazz pianists, as evidenced by a career studded with prestigious encounters.

Born in Martinique, Mario Canonge is a musician whose particularity lies in his whirlwind ability to adapt from one style to another. A virtuoso performer as well as an outstanding songwriter, he stands out for the richness of his playing and the originality of his discography.


Mario Canonge trio

For his brand-new album, Mario Canonge has chosen the Trio formula, with Michel Alibo on double bass and Arnaud Dolmen on drums.
Mario Canonge revisits his past and present compositions with a fiery rhythmic pair. On double bass, he reunites with Michel Alibo, an old road companion with whom he formed the group Sakiyo, a dazzling lightning bolt in Caribbean music in the late 80s.
Behind the drums, quite simply the most prominent and sought-after drummer on the French scene, Arnaud Dolmen, whose latest album Adjusting (2022) won him the "Revelation" prize at the recent Victoires du Jazz awards, as well as the title of "Musician of the Year" awarded by the editors of Jazz Magazine and Jazz News.

Mario Canonge & Kann

For the Martinican pianist Mario Canonge, the creation of the Kann group in 1991 aimed to go back to the sources of biguine and mazurka brought up to date in the light of jazz and zouk. On the stage of Bal Blomet, historic temple of West Indian music, Mario Canonge, bassist Thierry Fanfant, drummer Jean-Philippe Fanfant and percussionist Bago will reconnect with the group's historical repertoire.

Piano Mario Canonge
Bass Thierry Fanfant
Drums Jean-Philippe Fanfant
Percussion Bago Balthazar
Guest Tony Hunter

Mario Canonge & Annick Tangorra (duo)

Mario Canonge, the essential size of Caribbean jazz in France and on the international scene, surrounds himself with his accomplice Annick Tangorra.
Enchantress of Italian origin. Successive and multiple trips to Brazil and the Caribbean nourish and imbue it with these musical colors.
The heart as the swing: in turmoil, she mixes jazz and Caribbean Latinjazz.
Voice Annick Tangorra
Piano Mario Canonge


New album Mario Canonge trio - Released in may 19th 2023