Laura Cox

Rock, Blues


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Pioneer of the guitar on the internet, Laura Cox has led the way for many young guitarists and is now at the forefront of the current landscape of guitarists in France and beyond. From bedroom recordings of Sweet Home Alabama [Lynyrd Skynyrd] and alikes uploaded on YouTube as early as 2008, she gathered a loyal following of half a million

subscribers and her re-interpretations of classic rock songs (that also feature her on the banjo, lapsteel or bass) have reached more than 100 million viewers across the globe.

The multi-instrumentalist is one of the few artists who managed to break out of the virtual bubble and bring her musical vision to life with her own band: After two albums released in 2017 and 2019 (Verycords/Warner) and having played the biggest, most prominent stages for rock music in France (Hellfest, Download Festival, Guitare en Scène, etc.), Laura Cox is now back with "Head Above Water", a long-awaited album with a more personal take and a solid anchoring in rock.

This third studio album proves once again that Laura knows how to re-invent herself while she is revealing new facets of her musical talent. Recorded at the renowned ICP studios in Brussels, and mastered by Ted Jensen (The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, etc.), "Head Above Water" is ready to rock the boat. In her riffs and solos, Laura masters both flow and precision and her playing clearly shows that this woman knows how to take a guitar apart. Blending classic rock with bluegrass elements in an unparalleled ease, Laura Cox once again illustrates that she will remain a driving force in a new generation of rock guitarists in the years to come


"In agreement with Muzivox"


Album : "Head above water"
Released on january 10, 2023