Kawa Trio


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KAWA TRIO is a musical encounter between the santoor of the mountains, the sarangi of the desert and the tabla that weaves a link between the two.

Mosin (tabla), Shahid (santur, voice), and Yunus (sarangi) Kawa , three brothers, are the descendants of a renowned family in the musical milieu of the city of Jaipur, where knowledge of music and its practice have been handed down from father to fils for many generations.Their great-great-grandfather Ustad Bashir Khan Shab lived with his family in the village of Gokul Pura in Rajasthan. In those days, they were peasants who, after working in the fields, played music and traditional instruments. Little by little, they definitively left the work in the fields and the breeding of livestock and left their village to settle in Jaipur with the whole family. There they devoted themselves to traditional and classical music, and played at the court of the Maharajas of Rajasthan in this great and prestigious royal city. Since then, they have kept up this musical tradition and over time have become professionals, appreciated and recognized as benchmark musicians.
Mosin Kawa began studying the tabla at the age of three with his father Ustad Shabbir Ahmed. He is the bearer of an oral musical tradition that has been passed down for seven generations in his family, originally from Rajasthan (Gokulpura). Since the age of fifteen, he has performed in India and throughout Europe. While continuing to accompany Indian music masters, he has enriched his playing by collaborating with jazz, contemporary and traditional musicians such as Cheick Tidiane, Balaké Sissoko and Omar Sosa. He currently plays with André Manoukian, Féloche, Mathieu Martouret, Rishab Prassana, Perrine Bourel...


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