Jean François Zygel & André Manoukian

From classical to jazz


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All shots are allowed in the duel André Manoukian and Jean-François Zygel. It must be said that for the distribution (pianistic and verbal) the two protagonists are not left!   But rest assured, the struggle is rather good as a child and the tone is light!

Each one at his keyboard, sometimes opponents sometimes accomplices, the two musicians play a game of angry notes. Nourished by variations and improvised beaches, their tribulations cross Bach, Beethoven, Brel, Bill Evans, Mozart and Duke Ellington. André Manoukian and Jean-François Zygel both have the verb, the piano, the humour, the expression, the passion for music and an extraordinary talent for transmission. No doubt: they have fun on stage and they will also amuse you.


Duel de Piano 1/2
Duel de Piano 2/2

Upcoming concerts

01 Sep 2021
EPINAL (88) - Auditorium de la Louvière
Jean François Zygel & André Manoukian

Archived concerts

20 Mar 2021
LE RAINCY (93) - Église Notre-Dame du Raincy
Jean François Zygel & André Manoukian
18 Sep 2020
PUGET-SUR-ARGENS (83) - Espace Culturel Victor Hugo
Jean François Zygel & André Manoukian