Henri Dès

Family show


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You are invited to share an exceptional moment of intimacy with Henri Dès and his songs. They are like small jewels in a case, enveloped only by the sound of his guitar.
Several generations standing side by side, heart to heart, singing in unison! A show that goes straight to the point, eye to eye.
Extraordinary !

This word perfectly sums up Henri Des' career. Because La petite Charlotte's dad is certainly the only one in his field that has crossed the decades without falling into disuse.
On the contrary, energy and freshness were the key points of each of his compositions, album after album. From mélasse to casse-pieds, including Les bêtises à l'ecole or Le beau tambour, you can't get his songs out of your mind and his arrangements are always surprising. His words sound right, and resonnate with the daily life of children, from the moment they wake up to the one when they go to bed, and it also resonnate with their dreams. Even when it deals with the nightmares, because in the Henri Dès' universe, things are not always sweet. Small pleasures go hand in hand with great emotions, and bursts of laughter dry up the tears.
In concert, it's a real outburst of generosity and positivity that pleases a multigenerational audience ! Between the singer, the musicians and the spectators, a bond sets in from the first notes. 50 years of career, 200 songs, 4.5 million albums sold, 30 schools that bear his name, a hundred times the Olympia, 15 golden records, a melody composed for the carillon of the cathedral of Geneva, an entry in the Larousse 2012, a web radio which plays his songs 24 hours a day and above all an incalculable number of lights in the eyes of children.
Yes, this is what is called an extraordinary journey.
Mila Nonza
"In agreement with Los Productions"


Released in March 2022


Teaser - Henri Dès en solo - Concert