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Today and for the first time ever, the Bollywood Masala Orchestra takes you on a journey throughout Northern India, from Rajasthan to Mumbai. Sixteen professional artists, musicians, singers, dancers, acrobats, and fire eaters from Jodhpur, Jaipur, Sikar, Khandela, and Mumbai, travel across the world and carry with them the Indian dance and music of the past and present.

Somewhere between tradition and modernity, from classical spiritual Indian music all the way to the now famous romantic songs of Bollywood, this unique group of artists beats the snares and the bass-drums, mixes together the powerful rhythms of brass instruments (trumpet, clarinet, trombone) with the melodic chords of traditional instruments like tablas, dholaks, harmonium, castagnettes…

The Bollywood Masala Orchestra will take you into a spectacular journey, full of colors, fascinating dances and remarkable traditional costumes, with a fire eater bouncing around on stage among the acrobats ! The Indian musician Rahis Bharti, born and raised in the music and the fabulous tales of his home country, founded the Bollywood Masala Orchestra. He brings through it everything he learned through over twelve years of experiences around the world: show the incredible musical diversity of India, constantly moving forward. Thanks to him, the Bollywood Masala Orchestra and its artists give life to an unforgettable and extraordinary spectacle through the eternal and captivating country that is India. 



The Gypsies of Rajasthan 

From Rajasthan, heir to an illustrious family of Maharaja musicians, the "little prince" Rahis Bharti heads the "Dhoad" band. 
He brings with him his tabla and all the colors of his country. In their words, in their songs, it's the Hindu princesses waiting for the rain. The bitter memory of ancient deserts, the illustrious palaces of the kings of yore and always the languorous call of the beloved. Eight musicians, singers and dancers take you on a bubbling journey beyond time and borders. Behind them, an entire Indian cultural history is revealed, an oral tradition handed down for seven generations. Today, Rahis Bharti is at the head of an empire. More than a thousand concerts around the world have made Dhoad, the gypsies of Rajasthan, the cultural ambassadors of Rajasthan.
Today, Dhoad are the international benchmark for Rajasthani music. These elegant, majestic artists, whose music and bearing reflect the sumptuous environment of their native region, create a magical, fusional atmosphere that sweeps the audience along in a magnificent whirlwind of shimmering colors, a magical, authentic experience.


Bollywood Masala Orchestra by Rahis Bharti

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