André Manoukian



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Notes that love one another

[ A history of music as you've never heard it ]

''Did you know that the first microgroove was in invented in an egyptian pyramid ?"

"Why do singers with high-pitched voices drive girls crazy ?"

"Is the expression ''Dumb like a tenor'' justified by the laws of acoustics ?"

"How did the execution of Robespierre trigger the birth of Jazz ?''
André Manoukian, alone at his piano, provides some answers to these fundamental questions.
He reveals the secrets of the great composers, and explains how to express your feelings in music.
Through his numerous love affairs with muses and sirens, full of pitfalls, or invoking in turn Pythagoras or Claude Francois, he tells with his whacky erudition a history of music as you've never heard it. 
You'll never listen to Sheila in the same way !

Anouch (trio + Balkanes)

Anouch inspired the song that gives the album its title. Anouch was a hiker. Anouch 
was my grandmother. In 1915 she walked 1000 km from Amasya to Deir es-Zor. If she survived 
survived, it's because she had a big mouth and was able to move the Turkish commander of the convoy that was deporting her. 
the Turkish commander of the convoy that was deporting her. In Armenian, "Anouch" means "sweet". It's a good thing that music 
is sacred and ... sweet". André Manoukian takes us to the Levant of his ancestors, 
guided by the Balkans who have mixed their Bulgarian voices with the atmospheric jazz of his trio.
Translated with (free version)

(Line up; Piano, violoncelle, tablas)


New album "ANOUCH" the sequel to be released in spring 2025