Swift Guad X Al'Tarba



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"Musique Classique" is the meeting of a beatmaker and a rapper, the culmination of the joint work of two artists to the parallel universes eagerly awaited by an audience of enthusiasts.
Al'Tarba, beatmaker from Toulouse who has been in hip hop and the abstract since 2007 has released 5 albums. His black and dreamlike sounds have appealed to both rap purists and lovers of electro and trip hop, testify his many lives and collaborations.
Swift Guad, narvalo de Montreuil has been a pillar of independent French rap for over 15 years. An overproductive artist who has made nearly twenty projects, dozens of clips and hundreds of lives, with a powerful voice, a technical and sensible writing, and a singular universe.
"Musique Classique" is 15 tracks, it's a tribute to New York rap 90's, but it's also an original reinterpretation of current sounds between percussive drums and venomous samples, between sharp rhymes and incisive punchlines, this album is an invitation to a journey without return in the meanders and limbo of the abundant imagination of the two accomplices.
"Musique Classique" will be released on 02/20/2020.
For this occasion, Swift Guad and Al'Tarba will go on tour with an original live.


New Album
"Musique Classique"
Release planned for february 20 2020


Swift Guad x Al'Tarba - Musique Classique