Malted Milk

Soul, Funk, Blues


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In its current formula, energized by the arrival of brilliant new elements, the continent's most formidable soul band is a veritable war machine. Malted Milk recently celebrated 20 years in the music business at a Stereolux packed to the rafters with fans thrilled by their electrifying repertoire, propelled by a brass section capable of shattering the walls of Jericho.
We can't help but admire how far they've come since their days as a rootsy blues duo. As it has grown, Malted Milk has gradually moved into the territory of Afro-American soul, until in recent years it has found a perfect alchemy. The band distinguishes itself from other European outfits hunting in the same territory by its ability to escape the copycat syndrome. Through their creativity, they offer soul music new horizons, while remaining faithful to the original Southern imaginary.
The album "1975" focuses on the plight of the lead singer and speaks of a society with which many others identify. The present is not the best, with a broken family and dependent children. The protagonist swings from moments of great lucidity and optimism to moments of anger and high energy.
Feelings that spill over into a general vision of the world we live in today, devastated by the abuses of the powerful and rendered insensitive to the "false" freedoms they offer us.
The protagonist is aware of all this, and makes his voice heard. Could it be that his personal condition is also the result of a twisted society?
However, he knows the way out of it all, and he knows that his future will be better than his past.Malted Milk takes a stylistic journey from strong soul and funk roots to decidedly more modern musical veins.All seasoned with musical borrowings ranging from disco to folk-world. Malted Milk's new commitment is to be able to talk openly about uncomfortable subjects and to honestly reflect their passion for American and pop music.The result is a uniformly authentic album, in which the singer becomes both champion and spokesman for the band and the listener.

"In agreement with Cashmere Prod".


New EP :"Let me ride" 

Out on October 22nd 2021