Malted Milk

Soul, Funk, Blues


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In its current formula energized by the arrival of new brilliant elements, the most formidable soul band of the continent is a real machine of war. Malted Milk recently celebrated his 20-year career in a packed Stereolux full of fans excited by his electrifying repertoire propelled by his horn section to jostle the walls of Jericho.

We are appreciative of the progress made since the time when the band was reduced to a blues duo very roots. As he expanded, Malted Milk gradually invested the territory of the African-American soul to find in recent years a perfect alchemy. The band is different from other European ensembles that hunt on the same land by its ability to escape the syndrome of the copy. Through his creativity, he offers souls new horizons while remaining faithful to the original Southern imaginary.

The rest is 100% malted milk full of funk, coppery riffs, guitar flights, nerve bass lines and organ fires ... Not to mention Arnaud's milky voice that would melt the female audience chitlin 'circuit ... The fruitful collaboration with the American singer Toni Green on the "Milk and Green" project between 2015 and 2017 opened the doors of the biggest European festivals with more than 10,000 albums sold! Their new album is in preparation and will be released in early 2019. A new sound and new collaborations are expected. Get ready for the return of the french soul funk blues bomb!