Makéda Manne

Pop, Indie-rock

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Makéda Manne’s journey is as diverse as it is hopeful – she has hand-sewn the threads of dreams of a music career together into her reality. Her musical background reaches all the way back to childhood where she would sing at church each week. Despite attending music school for one year during her time in Australia, her career as a working woman began in journalism and Manne’s desire to pursue a career in international relations led her to the US, where worked at the Senate. Until something clicked. ‘If not now, when?’, she thought to herself, and from that moment on she committed herself to living her love, her music. 

Two years ago, she started her own record label, Mine de Rien Records, which her upcoming EP will be released on. Shortly after she went on tour with big-name South African rapper and queer activist Dope Saint Jude, playing DOUR Festival in Belgium, one of the biggest in Europe. Other festivals played were Paris’ Fête de l’Humanité, Ypsigrock Festival in Italy and Lighthouse Festival in Croatia. The friendship that developed was nourishing in many dimensions, a bold and hugely empowering woman whose voice sings her truth – just like Makéda. Being on someone else’s tour reminded her that this was what she wants to do in her solo career, and moreover, that she was ready for it. ​


Makéda Manne’s first EP, French Brownie À La Noix De Coco, will be released on May 21, 2021. In five tracks all written and composed by Makéda Manne and Josh Aldrich, the artist opens up the doors to her universe. It’s as enticing as it is introspective.