Ludivine Issambourg - ANTILOOPS

Electro, Hip-Hop, Jazz


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Winner of the first prize of the national jazz fute competition chaired by Magic Malik, in studio as well as on stage, with Wax Tailor or A State Of Mind, Ludivine Issambourg, head coach, shines new light on her career in jazz-funk and the hip-hop breaks of these musical projects.

From concerts to festivals and touring scenes, winner of the Sunset Trophies in 2013 (group and soloist prizes), the Antiloops band traces its first discographic steps with the EP "Yep". Naitra, then, in 2015, the album "Electroshock" and its remixed version by well-inspired producers (Dj Greem C2C ​​..). Visceral organic, the group, for his second album, "Lucid Dream" (released in 2017 on the label Ilona Records - The Other Distribution), chooses to explore the voice of machines, absorb them, impulse a new driving force. From the Band format follows a new Dj Vj Set format: creation of hybrid crossings between classical instruments and digital emulators.

Antiloops, in these two formats, mixes with freshness jazz, funk, electro, hip-hop and soul. This jazz, in the present, in the magic of its presence, anchored in the real, open to urban and contemporary music, playful, festive, hypnotic, in the dance of the trance, never dissociates itself from the exigency, the know- to do, and the sophistication of jazz. For Antiloops Band, Ludivine Issambourg surrounds Timothée Robert on bass, Nicolas Dérand on keyboards and Julien Sérié on drums. For Antiloops Dj & Vj Set, she shares the stage with Julien Landercasp aka Dj Topic and Thomas Lampis aka VjTom video mapping.



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05 Jun 2021
PARIS (75) - New Morning
Ludivine Issambourg - ANTILOOPS