Ludivine Issambourg

Electro, Jazz, Flamenco


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Ludivine Issambourg, a musician recognized as «spearhead of the French electro-jazz scene» returns to his first loves with the project «OUTLAWS». Her passion for flute and eclecticism, groove, funk and the sound of the 70’s pushes her back into the world of one of the greatest masters of the style: Hubert Laws. Hubert Laws, one of America’s greatest flutists, has had an immense career for more than 50 years. He is one of the few classical artists to master also the genres jazz, pop, rhythm & blues, passing effortlessly from one repertoire to another. He has about 20 albums as a leader. Her sideman career is equally impressive: Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones, Milt Jackson, Freddie Hubbard, Bob James… It should be noted that he is also the most sampled flutist in hip-hop. He is a model for Ludivine: his mastery of the instrument is very precise and his musicality unparalleled. In order to reclaim this repertoire that she has been listening to since her earliest years, Ludivine naturally proposed to Eric Legnini to be its director and artistic director. They were interested in the recordings published on the CTI label during the 1970s. Their collaboration leads them to work with a sound of the time, recording notably on a table Neve, mythical of those years, but ensuring to bring modernity, especially in the sound and arrangements.
In early 2020, the talented flutist Ludivine Issambourg offers us her Tribute to Hubert Laws with the release of her with the release of his new album «OUTLAWS ». A project with colors and sounds 70’s recorded with the greatest musicians of the current jazz scene.
In order to perfect the picture, Ludivine surrounded himself with outstanding musicians, renowned national and international:
Eric LEGNINI Artistic direction & Fender Rhodes
Laurent COULONDRE Organ & Clavinet
Julien HERNE Bass
Stéphane HUCHARD Drums
Mathieu GIBERT (Mrgib) Sound engineer
SPECIAL GUEST Christophe CHASSOL sur le track «What do you think of this world now?» , which is, for the record, the music of his answering machine for 20 years!
Winner of the first prize of the national jazz fute competition chaired by Magic Malik, in studio as well as on stage, with Wax Tailor or A State Of Mind, Ludivine Issambourg, head coach, shines new light on her career in jazz-funk and the hip-hop breaks of these musical projects.

From concerts to festivals and touring scenes, winner of the Sunset Trophies in 2013 (group and soloist prizes), the Antiloops band traces its first discographic steps with the EP "Yep". Naitra, then, in 2015, the album "Electroshock" and its remixed version by well-inspired producers (Dj Greem C2C ​​..). Visceral organic, the group, for his second album, "Lucid Dream" (released in 2017 on the label Ilona Records - The Other Distribution), chooses to explore the voice of machines, absorb them, impulse a new driving force. From the Band format follows a new Dj Vj Set format: creation of hybrid crossings between classical instruments and digital emulators.

Antiloops, in these two formats, mixes with freshness jazz, funk, electro, hip-hop and soul. This jazz, in the present, in the magic of its presence, anchored in the real, open to urban and contemporary music, playful, festive, hypnotic, in the dance of the trance, never dissociates itself from the exigency, the know- to do, and the sophistication of jazz. For Antiloops Band, Ludivine Issambourg surrounds Timothée Robert on bass, Nicolas Dérand on keyboards and Julien Sérié on drums. For Antiloops Dj & Vj Set, she shares the stage with Julien Landercasp aka Dj Topic and Thomas Lampis aka VjTom video mapping.

Ludivine Issambourg & Nati James - REBIRTH

“Beat box flute and flamenco baile”, “sound and movement”, “breath and vibration”. These two artists, two extraordinary personalities meet 15 years later to merge their talents. They met during their studies at the conservatory, then developed in their respective careers, and come together for a unique project.
Nati James on flamenco song / dance and Ludivine Issambourg on flute: a female duo that asserts its own identity through electro-flamenco compositions. The two women mix techniques borrowed from hip hop, such as the beat box and loopers etc, jazz, pop, added to the percussive and scenic sides of flamenco dance.
Their two complementary universes enrich and nourish a resolutely current and original repertoire.



New project
Ludivine Issambourg & Nati James - REBIRTH


Ludivine Issambourg & Nati James - REBIRTH
Ludivine Issambourg - Outlaws (Full Album)
ANTILOOPS "LUNA" extrait live @ festival Jazz sous les pommiers 2014
Ludivine Issambourg OUTLAWS - "Undecided" (Live au Pan Piper)

Archived concerts

19 Feb 2021
HEROUVILLE ST CLAIR (14) - Théâtre Herouville Saint Clair
Ludivine Issambourg
04 Feb 2021
PARIS (75) - New Morning
Ludivine Issambourg
05 Oct 2020
PARIS (75) - Pan Piper
Ludivine Issambourg