LMZG - Lamuzgueule

Electro Swing, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Swing Touch


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LMZG's gonna make people shake !  That’s the main effect of this Frenchy ElectroSwing band ! After touring all around France and Europe, and featuring with masters of the genre on the best compilations of the Wagram label, they’re in the top list of the revelations you can’t miss!

The group mingles the globality of swing along with the beats & bass of a powerful and heavy electro. LMZG (previously called in French “Lamuzgueule”) will make you taste the fantasies of a musical time travel.

Between Electronic Clash and Flashbacks (mixing Swing, Funk or Hip-Hop, but also brass and cabaret piano) LMZG trifles with time and styles with melodies alternating between retro and pop.

The band shines on stages all across the world thanks to their vision of french touch and their crazy show full of good vibes. If you are looking for them in your record store, they will be classified between Caravane Palace and Deluxe, a unifying and positive music.

Do not rely on their angelic smiles, the devastating Quintet drags you into a roaring show, transforming the savanna into a dancefloor, to free the beast hidden inside each of us.

With five free and uninhibited musicians on stage, creating a universe with no barriers, nourishing our imagination and perpetuate the codes of a musical freedom in this urban jungle.

English and French lyrics (sung or performed by a duo like Bonnie and Clyde, accompanied by a fiery saxophonist and a bouncing pianist / trumpet player), you'll hear some remarkable mashups made of a multi instrumentalist's samples, the low synths and the mighty beat box, totally consume us.

After the band’s first EPs, the album "Bada boom boom swing" was released in 2014, praised by critics, it’s immediately propelled in "the 8 essential FrancoFans magazine". After an intense and busy tour, LMZG is playlisted on many french radios (JAZZ RADIO, NRJ, FRANCE BLEU) and on a dozen international compilations. They were present as revelation at the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL 2016, the FUSION FESTIVAL, the MACHINE DU MOULIN ROUGE in Paris, the SUMMUM at Grenoble. They were also discovered in openning of IAM’s show, CARAVAN PALACE, BOULEVARD DES AIRS and ELECTRO DELUXE in France, BENABAR and DELUXE in Belgium, and PAROV STELAR in Italy. LMZG is engendering a flabbergasted and growing audience.

The success of their album, but also of their shows, encouraged them to get carried by momentum and they made remarkable passages on huge festivals. They emerged as one of the flagship groups of the European Electroswing scene with 160 dates in 3 years all over Europe, from Prague to London and from Rome to Berlin!

They’re coming to offer you an unique and hot show made to set fire! LMZG,  always full of energy, will show its full wingspan in concert. More than an hour of groove to let go, sweat, forget who you are. It’s the bestial and wild side that LMZG deploys on stage!

If you still want these sensations despite the opulence of the scenic feast, the new EP "ANIMAL VISIONS" makes possible to take it home, while awaiting the new album "ZOO-LOGIC"!


It was a real enthusiasm among Internet users that allowed LMZG, voting in four fundraising campaigns during two years to produce albums and clips. The band has collected over € 25,000 thanks to 500 donors. LMZG it’s a dozen videos, 1 vinyl, 2 EP, 2 albums and soon, a 3rd album which will be released in SEPTEMBER 2017!

A beautiful community of fans has been formed, LMZG is the crush of the public but also of professionals and labels. 

International compilations open their doors: at Wagram for example "Electro Swing vol 7" mixed by Bart & Baker, "Electro Swing Fever 3" or "Electro Swing Revolution Vol 5", pick up many tracks in the LMZG’s last album, thereby their name is inscribed in the middle of the big names of the Electro scene : Caravan Palace, Lyre the Time and Parov Stelar.

With the buzz surrounding the group and their innovative projects, you may not have missed this electro band in vogue that offers an explosive live! For sure, they will come near your city, don’t miss them! From swing to unbridled electro, from a funky rhythmic or hiphop to a flying dubstep, just one goal : to federate people in dance with timeless and addictive music that will bring together all generations! They passed the bet to make coexist the time of big bands and that of computers, melodies as Duke Ellington did and the sounds of Daft Punk.

They are preparing a new album for 2017 and places for the dates of their tour are already filling so quickly!

If LMZG is a secret combination of 4 letters that allow travel in their time machine, so you should totally get on board and take the plunge! The wild beasts are dropped!

LMGZ is :

  • + 650 000 views on Youtube
  • present in more than 11 international compilations (4 with Wagram)
  • + 11 900 fans on Facebook
  • collaborations with Thomas Faure (Electro Deluxe), Lyre le Temps, Bart&Baker, Defunk (Canada), Jenova Collective (UK), Zazou (KKC Orchestra), The gentlemen callers (Los Angeles)
''Zoo-Logic'' is available since September 2017 ! ''REMIXOLOGIC'' is available since 12th november 2018




Gangsta's paradise (cover)
Black Swan featuring Thomas Faure from Electro deluxe
Les voleurs de coeurs
Freeze the clock
Voyou (My Zoo)
Bazar de Luxe
French Kiss

Archived concerts

06 Aug 2020
THôNES (74) - Place Avet
01 Aug 2020
LES BELLEVILLE (73) - Saint Martin de Belleville
31 Dec 2019
SOLOTHURN (45), SUISSE - Kulturfabrik Kofmehl
30 Nov 2019
GRENOBLE (38), FRANCE - Palais des Sports
08 Nov 2019
VAISON-LA-ROMAINE (84), FRANCE - Espace Culturel