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Originally from around Grenoble, Kaba is an artist who smiles at one simple goal: to create the music he loves to listen to. Like his eclectic playlists, Kaba doesn't set limits. He even seeks a maximum of diversity. Intuitive and curious artist, his rap evolves and changes according to his musical discoveries. He loves to collaborate,
mix his words with other languages ​​and challenge them with other rhythms and styles. Kaba raps his daily life, his dreams of ascension and his relationships in a nonchalant and mischievous tone. Through his texts the two parts, colored and dark, of a mischievous gentleman emerge. His first project, Velvet Bleu, depicted a cozy setting and seaside walks, from the seat of a convertible or a lonely night cab.


2016 - 1st single 'Chucky'
2019 - 1st project 'Velvet Bleu' + 1M streams for the title 'Cruise' in feat. with Juice
2020 - 2 singles 'New Horizons'
April 2021 - 4 tracks hip-house EP '3.3 Magnitud


Kaba & Vouiz - 1.3 HDG