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After two years spent interrupting the frantic race of travelers, EMJI is entering the eleventh season of the New Star. From her first performances, she impressed by the mastery of her reinterpretations of the titles of Kate Bush, Blondie or Sia.

Flying over the competition in her powerful and crystalline voice, she won the tele-hook final and presented the title "Toboggan" written by Jérôme Attal and arranged by Mathias Malzieu (Dionysos).

True success with audience peaks to 1.5 million viewers, its services cumulate more than 14 million views on Youtube.

The first EMJI album "Folies Douces" will be released in February 2016 at Polydor. She works on a chiseled pop putting his musical imprint in each of his compositions.
Among the titles on offer, two singles from the album - "Dur, dur" and "Lost" - will be entitled to their videos with strong visuals setting a lyrical and atypical world that EMJI will have the opportunity to present through 'a tour.

In parallel, she devotes herself to a brand new project by joining the troupe of the musical "Les 3 Mousquetaires". EMJI interprets the sulphurous Milady de Winter and establishes in each of his appearances a real theatricality carried by the titles "Je suis cash" or "Rendez-vous en enfer".

After a triumph at the Palais des Sports, the show continues with a zenith tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium that will gather more than 350,000 spectators.


For this second installment, EMJI wants to involve its community and it is naturally through crowdfunding that it launches this new adventure. Supported by his fans beyond his expectations, the successful crowdfunding allows EMJI to embark on the construction of this album.

It appeals to Olivier Leducq producer and director for big names of the music (Julien Doré, Big flo and Oli, Joyce Jonathan, Ben Mazue, Louane, etc ...) whose urban influences bring more current sounds while preserving the qualities melodic elements of EMJI.

Finally free of its artistic choices, "JE TU ELLES" is the reflection of the experiences and meetings of a young thirty years:

"JE TU ELLES" brings together stories of women through their different struggles. I approach them like warriors!

From ancient times, the Woman already had this image. We did not need to put on trousers to have this swinging temperament! "
Under its pop and more urban paces than "Folies douces", "JE TU ELLES" addresses the topics of feminism, homosexuality, infidelity or sexual freedom in the form of testimonies of strong women with assumed femininity.

"Vegas" is the very first excerpt from an album with resolutely modern sounds. A figurehead of this new universe, this unexpected yet powerful title marks a new beginning in an eclectic musical journey rich in experiences and emotions.


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