Electro Deluxe

Soul, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop

USA - France

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For their 6th album, Electro Deluxe ventures in unknown territory, somewhere between organic groove and digital emotions.

Playing with stylistic borders, « APOLLO » brings us towards great spaces, towards a new musical universe.

As if the 1970's groove met with today's electro and french touch. The unique sound of the group is enriched by the richness of the legendary keyboards such as Juno and the Moog so precious to Eurythmics and Syevie Wonder. In « RIGHT NOW », the mythical rythm box Linndrum from Prince's beginnings meets Roger Troutman's talk-box; in « SLEEPWALKING » Daft Punk's vocoder dialogues with Herbie Hancok's Fender Rhodes.

Without forgetting their fundamentals, the group manages to ally musical mouvements and eras in a new unique and timeless fashion.

After 20 years of existence and concerts worldwide, Electro Deluxe wanted to explore new musical territories while throwing bridges between yesterday's musical production and today's sounds.

It's a real retro-futurist canvas that draws itself by listening to the 14 titles of this new album which oscillates between energetic and melodic ciseled pop.

To accompany them in this beautiful trip, the groups calls on 20SYL (C2C, Hocus Pocus). An inspired and perfectionnist producer, he has carefully polished each title by injecting in Electro Deluxe's core a raw emotion and sound.

Without ever losing the group's DNA, implacable rythms, precise brass instruments and a unique voice, Electro Deluxe takes on a journey through time. The group gives us with a doubt their most complete music to date.

By listening to « APOLLO », we navigate through heritage and modernity, between earthly feels of a familiar groove and celestial inspiration with synthetic sounds to paint a new picture, like a memory from the future.






























Electro Deluxe - Apollo Live Sessions - Ep.04 "LET IT FLY"
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Electro Deluxe - Sleepwalking (Official Video)
Electro Deluxe - "RIGHT NOW" - 1st Single from the New Album "APOLLO"
Olympia 2018 - Live concert
Live Session
Electro Deluxe - Live Session Ep.01 - "ALL ALONE"
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Upcoming concerts

07 May 2021
LE VÉSINET (78) - Théâtre du Vésinet
Electro Deluxe
12 May 2021
GONFREVILLE-L'ORCHER (76) - Espace Culturel de la Pointe de Caux
Electro Deluxe
20 May 2021
ROISSY-EN-FRANCE (95) - Centre Culturel de l'Orangerie
Electro Deluxe
21 May 2021
VEIGNÉ (37) - Les Estivales de Veigné / salle Cassiopée
Electro Deluxe
06 Jun 2021
AJACCIO (20) - Le Lazaret
Electro Deluxe
18 Jun 2021
SÉRIGNAN (34) - Cigalière
Electro Deluxe
20 Jun 2021
CORSE - Jazz in Calvi
Electro Deluxe
03 Jul 2021
ALLAUCH (13) - Marseille Jazz des cinq continents
Electro Deluxe
17 Sep 2021
NIORT (79) - Le hangar
Electro Deluxe
23 Sep 2021
CESSON-SÉVIGNÉ (35) - Pont des arts
Electro Deluxe
25 Sep 2021
GRANDE-SYNTHE (59) - Palais du Littoral
Electro Deluxe
08 Oct 2021
PARIS (75) - Salle Pleyel - Electro Deluxe fêtes ses 20 ans
Electro Deluxe
16 Oct 2021
Electro Deluxe
22 Jan 2022
VIRY CHATILLON (91) - Théâtre de l'Envol
Electro Deluxe
14 May 2022
LANGRES (52) - Salle Jean Favre
Electro Deluxe

Archived concerts

27 Mar 2021
LES HERBIERS (85) - Théâtre Pierre Barouh
Electro Deluxe
18 Mar 2021
GRANDE-SYNTHE (59) - Palais du Littoral
Electro Deluxe
15 Oct 2020
BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT (92) - Le Carré Belle-Feuille
Electro Deluxe
03 Oct 2020
VITRY-LE-FRANÇOIS (51) - Salle Simone Signoret
Electro Deluxe
26 Sep 2020
MASSY (91) - Paul B
Electro Deluxe
20 Sep 2020
AMNÉVILLE (57) - Seven Casino
Electro Deluxe
18 Sep 2020
MEISENTHAL (57) - Halle Verrière
Electro Deluxe
14 Aug 2020
LES GETS (74), FRANCE - Festival été
Electro Deluxe