China Moses & André Manoukian

Jazz / Blues


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China Moses sings cheerful songs with a touch of happy melancholy, and sad songs without ever falling into the pathos of a tragedian.
As the only ornaments, China allows itself syncopes of sobs which throw decency to the nettles with the dialectic of remorse and regrets.
She sends purified emotions to the flame of her voice.
His voice, a compressed rock crystal.
Between laughter and sob, on a wire, it crosses our defenses, peels us like an onion and here we are biting our lips not to cry.
André Manoukian, a great lover of voices, tastes, weighs, measures, questions, tickles, smells, breathes, envelops each word in his delicate piano.
They chose the duo formula to give free rein to their dialogue.
Beware of the fire.