Arnaud Askoy



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Jacques Brel's repertoire has never been revisited with such fidelity and sincerity.
Already nicknamed Le Petit Jacques, surrounded by his troupe of musicians and dancers, Arnaud plunges us into this particular atmosphere of the post-war period where enthusiasm and pain, lightness and gravity, coexist with fervor.

Staging, paintings, sets and costumes accompany and serve the stripping of an artist who, usually alone on stage, laughs, cries, screams ... and sweats in the manner of his eldest.
And then, there is this amazing physical resemblance to the Great Jacques ... Sometimes disturbing, often confusing although natural, Arnaud knows how to use it without falling into the trap of imitation.
With the invaluable assistance of Nicolas Lassus, director of a formation composed of 7 musicians, the original repertoire, revisited around a string quartet, offers a breath of renewal to his compositions, while serving the sensitivity of the Artwork. The staging and choreography, created by Aurélia Martin, will not fail to seduce you, move you, have fun ... surprise you!

Sobriety and excess. Fidelity and lag. As many antagonisms and peculiarities that characterize this colorful show allowing a wide audience to discover or rediscover this fascinating character that was Jacques Brel, recognized as one of the greatest performers of the French Song.
From Madeleine to Mathilde, from Amsterdam to Vesoul via Brussels, Bréliens standards and success follow one another at a frantic pace.