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The Brel promise: like an “Impression”

"There’s still a bit of a Brel air! ". This sentence that Arnaud Askoy heard since his adolescence is not enough to promise the "return" of Jacques Brel on stage. It even sounds like a bad idea. Brel is unique and inimitable. Of course.
However, there are many skeptics, such as Pierre-Nicolas Cléré, producer of show and unconditional admirer of the great Jacques, or even the musician and brilliant arranger Roland Romanelli (Barbara, Jean-Jacques Goldman etc.) who will be surprised by crossing the way to Arnaud one evening in concert. Simple and unexpected observation: it "stings".
We didn't get a chance to see Brel on stage during his lifetime, only a few images filmed in black and white. This is a great frustration for both fans and the curious.
Much more than a repertoire, Brel is a silhouette, a gesture but also a relentless scenario, all charged with an incomparable emotional flame.
Arnaud Askoy met Brel by chance on the way to an unusual journey. Indeed, after being a police officer and then a private detective, he continued his literary work (5 collections published to date) and, alongside his new profession as a singer, discovered Painting. Self-taught, he exhibits today, notably in Paris. He is therefore an accomplished artist, a man of reflection who embarks on a real artistic challenge. As if it were a question of re-sculpting Brel to create a work in its own right.
The resemblance, certainly sometimes disturbing, the striking vocal imprint, but also the strict respect of the fundamental tools of staging of Jacques Brel are only physical elements of the show, the necessary decor.
Like the original arrangements of Roland Romanelli, it is the personal flame of Arnaud Askoy, this emotional, intimate and generous charge, which must come to overwhelm us, to give birth to a magic comparable to that of the time but well anchored in the present, like a living impressionist canvas.
This is the promise of the entire show team: "This is not Brel! Magritte would have said, but once that is said, let yourself go...


The Brel Promise - New Musical Show

No Arnaud Askoy is not Brel but to hear and see him you could believe it. Arnaud gives flesh, in his own way, with sincerity, to the Grand Jacques.

A musical show for those who dreamed of applauding Jacques Brel.

The Brel promise, an ambitious promise of humility.