It is in September 2004 that Marcella Puppini, Emma Smith and Kate Mullins, three former students of Trinity College of Music, founded the Puppini Sisters. Dressed in a glamorous style inspired by the '40s, the Puppini Sisters have developed shifted versions of classics like "The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, " "Panic"of Smith (their version is pure genius "- New Woman Magazine) or "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush, first moving crowds of admirers in the coolest clubs, then give them the signing of an important agreement with Universal Classics & Jazz.


Hollywood's new album

When you love the songs passionately ... such as we wrote when jazz and pop music mingled, when you can not imagine going on stage without splendid dresses vintage radiantly forms, we can not stay away from Hollywood.
Dive into the heart of the great cinema of the 40s, 50, 60 in eleven songs. Or rather ten times and Hollywood, collective composition of Puppini Sisters in which they say their love for this space-time delighted with the great song Hollywood.

Archived concerts

14 Aug 2019
ANNECY (74) - Imperial Annecy Festival
26 Jun 2019
ORANGE (84) - Place Georges Clemenceau
25 May 2019
CORÉE - Séoul
17 May 2019
ROYAUME-UNI - Bury St Edmunds
26 Apr 2019
21 Mar 2019
FIRMINY (42) - Le Majestic
16 Mar 2019
Saint-Arnoult en Yvelines - Jazz à toute heure
13 Oct 2018
AGEN (47)
13 Sep 2018


Work it - The Hoppers swing dance crew ft.The Puppini Sisters

The Puppini Sisters' live performance of 'Good Morning'

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friends