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From different horizons, Naturally 7 is a musical phenomenon as original as it is surprising. This Human Beat Box band has acquired a lot of respect in the world of music. Influenced by different kinds of music going from Hip Hop, Soul and Rn’B to Gospel and Old School... everything is gathered to delight your ears.

These Americans have everything for them : in addition to being good looking and having an amazing style, NATURALLY 7 combine extremely good rythms, performances and above all, outstanding shows.
No instruments : just the sound of their mouths, but they sound just like the best guitar and harmonica players in the world. NATURALLY 7 now mark a real turning point in their history. Harmonica, DJ mix, guitar, percussions, piano, saxophone... everything is under control, which makes the admiration even stronger. 
"Both Sides Now", the seventh full lenght album of Naturally 7, shows a real evolution in the vocal band's work from New York. The band is memorable by their interpretations of interantionally known hits like "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, "Fix You" by Coldplay or their original song "Wall of Sound". All of these songs have been played during three world tours by the sides of Michael Buble, during as much as 467 concerts and 4 million people in 25 different countries.
This new album is brought together by powerful new melodies, mixed with vocal arrangements that reveal the remarkable talent of the band in creating a whole palet of of instruments using only their voices.
"Both Sides Now" is composed by some classics of the century : from Antin Dvorak's "Going Home" or even Sting's hit "Shape of My Heart", interpreted with Peter Hollens, revealed on YouTube by his acappella covers, all the way to a revisited version of "Hello" by Adele with the German artist Helene Fischer. Some of the songs on the album are originals with the conditions of a live show, like "Caught in the Moment" with Kevin Usola at the cello, which is the only instrument you'll hear on this album. 

Artistic phenomenon or human phenomenon? Both, of course ! 

Upcoming concerts

22 Feb 2019
UK - Eastleigh - Concorde Club
01 Mar 2019
UK - Londres - Millfield Theatre
12 Mar 2019
GLASGOW (Royaume-Uni)
14 Mar 2019
UK - Edinburgh - The Queen's Hall
09 May 2019
15 May 2019
ALLEMAGNE - Mannheim
19 May 2019
ALLEMAGNE - Karlsruhe
21 May 2019

Archived concerts

15 Jan 2019
JAPON - Tokyo - Billboard Live
13 Jan 2019
CHINE - Beijing - Blue Note Jazz Club
21 Dec 2018
MAINZ (Allemagne)
20 Dec 2018
BADEN-BADEN (Allemagne)
18 Dec 2018
ERFURT (Allemagne)
10 Dec 2018
07 Dec 2018
06 Dec 2018
KIEL (Allemagne)
04 Dec 2018
02 Dec 2018
BETZDORF (Allemagne)
01 Dec 2018
WINTERBACH (Allemagne)
30 Nov 2018
ROTH (Allemagne)
11 Nov 2018
OLSBERG (Allemagne)
09 Nov 2018
KEMPTEN (Allemagne)
08 Nov 2018
ERDING (Allemagne)
07 Nov 2018
MARBURG (Germany)
06 Nov 2018
MAGDEBURG (Allemagne)
02 Nov 2018
12 Aug 2018
MUNICH (Germany)
07 Aug 2018
BENSHEIM (Germany)
27 Jul 2018
WÜRSELEN (Allemagne) - Burg Wilhelmstein Freilichtbühne
24 Jul 2018
FREIBURG (Allemagne) - Zelt-Musik-Festival Freiburg 2018
22 Jul 2018
CRAILSHEIM (Allemagne)
20 Jul 2018
Maribor (SLOVENIA)
07 Jul 2018
SCHAAN (Liechtenstein)
06 Jul 2018
TORTOSA (Espagne) - Jazz Tortosa 2018
04 Jul 2018
LEIPZIG (Allemagne)
29 Jun 2018
GEISENHEIM (Allemagne)
27 Jun 2018
ULM (Allemagne) - Ulmer Zeltfestival 2018
06 Jun 2018
Tortosa (ESPAGNE)
25 May 2018
ROCKPORT (Etats-unis)
22 May 2018
ANNAPOLIS (Etats-unis)
21 May 2018
WASHINGTON (Etats-unis)
15 May 2018
ATLANTA (Etats-unis)
14 May 2018
NASHVILLE (Etats-unis)
13 May 2018
11 May 2018
KENT - (Etats-Unis)
10 May 2018
07 Apr 2018
DRANCY (93) L'Espace Culturel du Parc
06 Apr 2018
PARIS (75) New Morning



Be still, my soul

Live in Paris subway

Wall Of Sound