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New album Zouk out - Release in November 2018


The pianist Mario Canonge is undoubtedly one of the greatest representatives of the Caribbean music. He came to settle in Paris since 1979, co-founder of the famous group Ultramarine, accompanist of Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nicole Croisille ...; he also collaborated with Kassav, Malavoi, Michel Jonasz, Laurent Voulzy, Richard Bona, Manu Dibango ... In 2004, he made a jazz shift with Rhizome (Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Antonio Sanchez, Roy Hargrove); in 2011, he published "mitan" - "the mitan of my life and in reality, the beginning of a richer coming" - in 2014 released CAB (Caribbean, Africa, Brazil) with Cameroonian singer Blick Bassy and in 2018 two albums: Quint'Up with Michel Zenino as co-leader and "Zouk Out" under his name.
Disruptive, Zouk Out is a jazz album that reflects the pressing need to abolish conventions, an inexhaustible thirst to reinvent the original combinations of the genre.
"This fourteenth opus is my personal conception of a jazz with Caribbean influences. It respects our musical traditions punctuated by this powerful original marker that is the drum. Less popular than its Spanish-speaking and English-speaking island counterparts, the syncopations of the French West Indies are no less melodious. They are still forgotten that many renowned musicians have their inspiration.
In the end, Zouk Out is a reflection of an introspective jazz paying tribute to the origins of zouk. It is the expression of what I am, a jazzman close to his roots that invites to the discovery of authentic phrasings resolutely modern."
Mario Canonge piano, percussions, choeurs
Michel Alibo basse, percussions,choeurs
Arnaud Dolmen batterie, percussions
Adriano Tenorio percussions

Archived concerts

14 Dec 2018
PARIS (75) - Baiser Salé - avec Quin't up
07 Dec 2018
ECOUEN (95) - avec Annick Tangorra
05 Dec 2018
GUYANE - en trio
29 Nov 2018
GUADELOUPE (971) - Mémorial Act - invité de Jacob Devarieux
22 Nov 2018
MARTINIQUE (972) - Casino Batelière - invité de Jacob Dévarieux
21 Nov 2018
GUADELOUPE (971) - Hotel La créole - Avec Annick Tangorra
18 Nov 2018
STE GENEVIÈVE DES BOIS (91) - Auditorium du centre artistique Rudolf Noureev - En duo avec Annick Tangorra
17 Nov 2018
PARIS (75) - Baiser Salé - avec Michel Zenino - Quin't up
12 Nov 2018
PARIS (75) - Baiser Salé - Invité de François Constantin
11 Nov 2018
MARSEILLE (13) - Mucem - Avec Annick Tangorra & Raphael Imbert
07 Nov 2018
PARIS (75) - Baiser salé - en duo avec Michel Zenino
03 Nov 2018
GUINEE EQUATORIALE - En duo avec Annick Tangorra
02 Nov 2018
GUINEE EQUATORIALE - En duo avec Annick Tangorra
25 Oct 2018
GUADELOUPE (971) - Festival Bleu outre-mer - Point-à-Pitre
14 Oct 2018
GIF SUR YVETTE (91) - Le Canapé
12 Oct 2018
PARIS (75) - Duc des Lombards
24 Sep 2018
COURBEVOIE (92) - Espace Carpeaux
21 Sep 2018
TANGER (Maroc) - Tanjazz
26 May 2018
PARIS (75) - en duo avec Zenino au Baiser Salé
25 May 2018
PARIS (75) - en duo avec Kann' au Baiser Salé
31 Mar 2018
TAVERNY (95) - Médiathèque Les Temps Modernes



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Canonge/Zenino - Jazz à Porquerolles