The X aka The X-Men

Hip-Hop, Rap


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The X, aka the X-Men, is a mythical band and legends of the industry of French Rap. They have commenced their career in the 90s in the Collective Time Bomb with Oxmo Puccino, Lunatic, Passy, Pit Bacardi...
The X are the first group of rap to have signed with a major, their album "Young, Guilty and Free" being released in 1998 by Universal. Pioneers of their genre, they have inspired many of the biggest french hip hop artists of today, like Nekfeu, 1995, Lomepal, MHD...
They have returned to the stage in October of 2015 with their latest album "Modus Operandi". Following this powerful release, they have participated in the "Golden Age of French Rap Tour"' in 2016 and 2017, as well as dates like the 30 years of the Cigale in Paris and the "Fest of Humanity" in december of 2017. They are now preparing a new album for 2018 as well as a tour in 2018/2019.


Album "Modus Operandi" available everywhere
Participation in the "Golden Age of French Rap" Tour in 2016-2017
New album coming out in 2018

Archived concerts

11 Apr 2019
TOULOUSE - Le Bikini - dans le cadre de la tournée Novator
11 Apr 2019
TARBES - La Gespe - dans le cadre de la tournée Novator
16 Mar 2019
NEUCHATEL - La Case à chocs - dans le cadre de la tournée Novator