About Us

Enzo Productions was created in 1999.

Our goal, from our origin, has always been to promote music in all its forms, by providing musical diversity as a unique cultural richness. The spirit of the company is to maintain its development as an artistic "quality" to the detriment of commercial logic contingencies involving more onerous or restrictive.

Starting with a single artist in 1999, our organization has since expanded its family of artists from 25 groups and /or musicians from various musical genres, including nationally and internationally known artists.
The artists we work with are all high level experienced musicians that occur regularly on major national and international stages.
Outside of France and Europe, we generated tours in Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, United States, Haiti, South Africa, in Mauritius, Mozambique, Lesotho, India, New Zealand, Japan ...

In recent years we have expanded our expertise in planning and organizing festivals :
  • The programmation and executive production of  " Paris Jazz Festival (2006/2007/2008) " which takes place every year in Paris (an event we are particularly attached to).
  • Artistic advisor for the "Festicolor" each year in late May or early June in Meung sur Loire.
  • Organizing and implementing the festival "Pyunic Jazz Festival" Yerevan in Armenia (the land of our origins) where music is a "vast pretext" to unite the public around a noble cause : Helping the world of disability in Armenia.
  • Creation of the first edition of the festival : "Issy, Fenêtre sur le monde" in Issy-les-Moulineaux. New festival we organize in association with the Cultural Services of the city of Issy les Moulineaux. This first edition will take place from 24 to 27 November 2010 at the auditorium of Issy les Moulineaux with godfather André Manoukian.
Headquartered in Issy-les-Moulineaux since its inception, the company operates a dozen artists for 260 concerts a year worldwide.

Ethic Music Network is an ethical concept of the show - or “fair” called show - which highlights the richness of cultural diversity, respect for nature and environment, by systematically organizing events and fun around our educational programming and / or productions). We have labeled this spirit of action ETHIC MUSIC NETWORK because for its specificity and singularity is to try to combine music with a humanitarian cause.